We are One Human Family

I feel the time is ripe to engage with the ethical side of the genetic revolution in a manner that transcends the doctrinal standpoints of individual religions. We must rise to the ethical challenges as members of one human family, not as Buddhist, as Jews, a Christian, the Hindu, Muslim. Nor is it adequate to address these ethical challenges from the perspective of purely secular, liberal political ideals, such as individual freedom, choice, and fairness. 

We need to examine the questions from the perspective of a global ethics that is grounded in the recognition of fundamental human values that transcend religion and science… the earlier one intervenes in the causal process, the more effective is one’s prevention of undesirable consequences.

Because of the profoundly interconnected reality of today’s world, we need to relate to the challenges we face as a single human family rather than as members of specific nationalities, ethnicities, or religions. In other words, a necessary principle is a spirit of oneness of the entire human species. Some might object that this is unrealistic. But what other options do we have?

His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Foremost leader of Tibetan Buddhism
Author, The Universe in a Single Atom

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