Everyday Heroes

There are superheroes among us. But they don’t reveal themselves. If they did, we’d think they’re nuts. Some of them do reveal a little of what they do, and we do tend to think they’re a little out there. But they’re real.

They walk among us holding the fabric of human consciousness together. They are the soothing balm to the storm tides of anguish and suffering. They are the angels in the system who make small changes that bring healing and relief. They are the elderly elders who sit quietly with morning tea, watching the birds, tending a garden, and praying constantly for the peaceful healing of humanity.

They are not insignificant. They are the reason we can hold it together. They are the glue that maintains disparate pieces of humanity in synch.

Glenn Geffcken, Spiritual writer, consultant: authentic brand strategy
Author, Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change.
Blog: The Deeper side of things

2 responses to “Everyday Heroes”

  1. Thank you for the quote David. So often I just write things and quickly forget what I wrote. So, it’s nice to revisit and be again with the moment of insight when the words were flowing freely.

    And a really beautiful photo of the birds in the trees.


    Glenn Geffcken ggeffcken@gmail.com 828.280.5576



  2. Yes – superheroes every day – in every family – on every street – in every country.


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