Human Responsibilities

As individuals we are responsible for seeking our interests in harmony with, and not at the expense of, the interests and well-being of others; responsible for condemning and averting any form of killing and brutality; responsible for not bringing more children into the world than we truly need and can support; and for respecting the right to life, development, and equal status and dignity of all the children, women, and men who inhabit the earth.

As citizens of our country, we are responsible for demanding that out leaders beat swords into ploughshares and relate to other nations peacefully and in a spirit of cooperation; that they recognize the legitimate aspirations of all communities in the human family; and that they do not abuse sovereign powers to manipulate people and the environment for shortsighted and selfish ends.

As collaborators in business and actors in the economy we are responsible for ensuring that corporate objectives do not center uniquely on profit and growth, but include a concern that products and services respond to human needs and demands without harming people and impairing nature; that they do not serve destructive ends and unscrupulous designs; and that they respect the rights of all entrepreneurs and enterprises who compete fairly in the global marketplace. 

As members of the human community, it is our responsibility to adopt a culture of nonviolence, solidarity, and economic, political, and social equality promoting mutual understanding and respect among people and nations whether they are like us or different, demanding that all people everywhere should be empowered to respond to the challenges that face them with the material as well as the spiritual resources that are required for this unprecedented task.

And as persons endowed with mind and consciousness, our responsibility is to encourage comprehension and appreciation for the excellence of the human spirit in all its manifestations, and for inspiring awe and wonder for a cosmos that brought forth life and consciousness and holds out the possibility of its continued evolution toward ever-higher levels of insight, understanding, love and compassion.

Ervin Laszlo, Systems scientist, philosopher
Author, The Upshift: The Path to Healing and Evolution on Planet Earth

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