Masculine / Feminine Archetypes

Every person recreates a balance between the two poles within him or herself. The masculine impulse stands for the mental: it is focused and willing to go to extremes in order to reach its goal. This has both positive and negative consequences. It is positively expressed through resolute action and a sublime mental overview, whilst its negative expression can lead to the separation or destruction of everything the masculine doesn’t understand.

The feminine impulse stands for the emotional: it is tolerant, intuitive and empathic. It is positively expressed by being present in a given situation and possessing a caring attitude unique to the feminine, whilst its negative expression can show itself in over-emotionalism, lack of sense of direction and getting sidetracked by trivial details.

Both men and women possess the two poles, but to varying degrees. Some men are decidedly masculine that there is no room left for the feminine virtue, which is why a world like ours has evolved in which, despite technological progress, we act in a monstrously primitive manner, women are oppressed, the earth’s resources are ruthlessly exploited, and nations still go to war against each other, deploying various forms of hand-to-hand and mechanized combat.

The quantum leap mankind is now about to take is closely linked to the need to reunite the masculine and feminine aspects in order that balance in all things can be re-established.

Each one of us can create a so-called “Bridal Chamber” in our hearts. This means positively considering each other and bringing their different qualities out into the light. The feminine virtues need the masculine drive, knowledge and overview in order to fully unfold themselves, whilst the masculine aspect needs feminine restraint, tolerance and intuition. The one is unbalanced without the other. When the masculine and feminine virtues are united, knowledge, volition, empathy and intuition are transformed into creative wisdom.

Lars Muhl, Danish writer, mystic
Author, The Law of Light: The secret teachings of Jesus

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