Seeking Happiness

Happiness is not an experience that consciousness has. It is what consciousness is. That’s why joy is said to be causeless. Happiness is the taste of consciousness knowing itself, knowingly.

Once we see clearly that it is the ending of desire, rather than its fulfillment, that reveals the inherent happiness, we no longer search for an object to make us happy. We may desire an object with which to express happiness, but this happiness is not dependent on the object.

Happiness, understanding, love and beauty are all synonyms for consciousness, for ‘I.’ They do not refer to objects. They are unconditioned.

The value of seeking is that as long as it is taken all the way back to its Source, it brings itself to its own limit and dissolves there. That into which it dissolves is that for which it was seeking.

Rupert Spira, English spiritual teacher, philosopher
Author, The Transparency of Things: Contemplating the Nature of Experience

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