What “Being” Feels Like

  • You are not in the universe. The universe is you.
  • “In here” and ”out there” are mirror reflections of each other.
  • Consciousness is continuous and present in everything. It is the one reality.
  • All the separate activities in the universe are actually one activity.
  • Reality isn’t just fine-tuned. It is perfectly tuned.
  • Your purpose is to align yourself with the creativity of the cosmos.
  • The next thing you feel like doing is the best thing you can do.
  • Existence feels free, open, and without obstacles.
  • Mind and ego still exist, but they get a lot more time off.
  • Knowing who you really are, you set off to explore unknown possibilities.

Deepak Chopra, Medical doctor, Professor of Medicine, philosopher
Author, You Are The Universe: Discovering your cosmic self and why it matters

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